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    About us

    Our Story

    In 2019, on a sunny day in Sydney, the idea of MiracleMop was born out of sheer frustration. Tired of traditional, inefficient mopping systems that just moved the dirt around, we sought to create something revolutionary. We envisioned a tool that would simplify the cleaning process while ensuring top-notch quality. Thus, MiracleMop was born.

    Why MiracleMop?

    At MiracleMop, we believe that cleaning shouldn't be a chore, but a seamless part of daily life. We’re committed to:

    • Innovation: Our sleek mop design, combined with advanced microfiber technology, ensures every speck of dirt is caught, and every corner of your home shines.

    • Quality: We ensure that every MiracleMop is built to last, using only the finest materials like durable plastic, high-quality microfibre, and robust steel.

    • Eco-Friendliness: Our mops are designed to work efficiently with less water, and our reusable microfiber cloths reduce waste, helping you play your part in protecting our planet.

    • Customer Satisfaction: With a 30-day return guarantee, free shipping, and a dedicated 24/7 customer service team, we're always here to make sure you're completely satisfied with your purchase.

    Our Vision

    Our journey started in Australia, but our vision is global. We aim to bring our innovative cleaning solutions to homes worldwide, transforming the way people think about and approach cleaning. With every MiracleMop, we hope to add a touch of magic to your daily routine, turning mundane tasks into moments of effortless satisfaction.

    Join Our Clean Revolution

    We invite you to experience the MiracleMop difference. Whether you're a homeowner, a cleaning enthusiast, or someone just looking for a more efficient way to maintain a sparkling home, MiracleMop is here to change the game. Together, let's make the world a cleaner, happier place.

    For any questions or to share your MiracleMop story, drop us an email at info@miraclemop-au.com.

    MiracleMop Team

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